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What Georgette Heyer Knew – and We Want to Know with Judith Laik
Class dates: April 21 – May 4, 2014
Cost: $15 non-member, $7 BM member
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Judith Laik takes you through the process of writing a Regency-set novel: analyzing the expectations of different types of plots; how to approach the “steam” factor with realism; creating unique characters true to the time; settings; authentic Regency voice; and what to research and where to find the information you need.  Examples from Jane Austen, Georgette Heyer, and more recent authors.

Tentative course outline:

Lesson One:  Plots:  from romps to gritty
Lesson Two:  How steamy is it?
Lesson Three:  Characters
Lesson Four:  Settings
Lesson Five:  Voice
Lesson Six:  Research

Judith Laik is the author of two of the final Zebra traditional Regencies to be published by Kensington, The Lady is Mine and The Lady in Question.  She is also the author of two stories set in World War II, Sentimental Journey and My Funny Valentine, and, as Judy Laik, co-author with Lynn Moen of a book of quotations, Around the Circle Gently. Her next traditional Regency romance, title yet to be determined, will be published in April. Judith lives in Washington State on a small farm with her husband and daughter, two horses, a cat, and a dozen or so Collies.


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